July 18, 2018 at 10:01 am

Utterance by Pastor Bitely, Dec 31, 2017

Down in my spirit I could hear these words: “2018 is a year of destiny. A year of destiny for My church and for you. Be wise. Be wise. Fill yourself with Me. Fill yourself with the Holy Spirit. Fill yourself with My Word. Fill yourself with My promises. For this coming year is truly a year of destiny. For there are things that have been planned since before the foundation of this world for you in 2018 and then there is the wicked one, who also has plans for you in 2018. You don’t want his plan coming to pass. That will not be good. No good will come out of it but harm and hurt and eventually death. But My plan, My plan for you, it is good. It is so good. Be wise. Harken unto the Word. Harken unto the Word of the Lord.

Now is the time. Today is the time to start drinking and getting filled with Me,” saith the Lord. “For some, your oil is virtually dried up. So dry. You are so discouraged. You have been so disappointed even this past year. But your oil has gone out. You didn’t keep it full. Now fill yourself. Fill yourself with Me,” saith the Lord.

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