July 18, 2018 at 10:18 am

Utterance by Pastor Bitely, June 17, 2018

“A deeper work, deeper work, deeper work. For I long to do a deeper work in My people, in My children. I am not content to see you struggle. I am not content to have you go through hard times. But My desire is to do a much deeper work in you, to make you a person of substance, a person who is rooted and grounded in Me,” saith the Lord, “and you are not moved by every circumstance that is an adversary to you. You are not moved by bad news. You are not moved by what other people say. Be like Paul, I want to get you to that place like Paul, My servant got to. For he said, for I am not moved by these things. I am not moved by the things that are happening around me. I did a tremendous work in Paul. The work was so deep, the work was so profound his name had to be changed. Allow Me to do that deeper work in you. Allow Me to break the chains and the fetters and the things that hold you back. Allow Me to tear down the walls that you have built to keep out the things that you don’t like. Let Me be your strength. Let Me be your guard. Let Me do that deeper work in you,” saith the Lord.

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