July 18, 2018 at 10:20 am

Utterance by Pastor Bitely, June 17, 2018

“Now those that will make room, those that will open up, those that will open up their hearts and their minds, those that will hunger and thirst after Me,” saith the Lord, “I shall surely come into those places like the Prophet of Old and the Shunamite woman. She made a little room for the Prophet to come and the Prophet came. The Prophet stayed. The Prophet spoke and Heaven blessed. She received a mighty miracle. She received the answer to her dream. She received her heart’s desire because she made a little room. But those little rooms in the natural are really big rooms in the Spirit. For she would need a great miracle down the road and when her son died, she sought out the Prophet and the Prophet came and brought her dream back to life. I have given many of you dreams about things, dreams, My dreams, My plans for you. I am about to start bringing those to pass. I am about to make those things happen. For you have heard, you have read, prepare ye the way of the Lord. Make the low places high, make the high places low, make the crooked places straight. If you would just open up, I will come and I will fill you to overflowing and you shall be a vessel fit for these last days,” saith the Lord.

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