July 18, 2018 at 10:02 am

Utterance by Pastor Bitley, Dec 31, 2017

Don’t go by what you see. Just go by what you believe. Believe Me. Believe My Word. For your eyes can see one thing. Your ears can hear a thing. But that is not the way it needs to be. For you can see with the eye of faith the way you want things to be. You can hear with ears of faith the way things need to be. Don’t go by what you see. Don’t even go by what you feel. For your feelings are of the body and your body can lead you astray. Go by My Word. Go by My promises. Go by what the Spirit will reveal unto you. Do not give Me second place or third place or fourth place or fifth place or sixth place in your life. But give Me first place. Give Me first place, then, then you are giving Me permission to work out the things in your life. But I need first place. I will not take second place or any other place. Put Me first in your life and everything will go right. Everything will turn out right. There will be challenges. There will be mountains. There will be obstacles. But they will move for you.

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