July 18, 2018 at 9:49 am

Utterance by Pastor Bitely, Dec 2, 2012

Well the word of the Lord came unto me saying: “For the sound of revival, the sound of revival is beginning, beginning to roar. The sound of revival is coming. Revival is coming into My church and the first things you will begin to see is the dead to be raised, the spiritual dead, those that have fallen asleep, those that don’t care, those that have fallen away. There will come such a move of the My Spirit that they will come back to the things of God. They will be raised up into a new life,” saith the Lord, “and My Glory shall go forth and My Power shall go forth and My Word shall go forth in demonstrations of My Spirit and lives, lives will be changed. People will come in and give their hearts to the Lord and bow down before Him and they will come in great numbers,” saith the Lord. “For revival is in the land. Revival for My church. I promised it. I promised it in My Word that I would send refreshing. I would send the latter, early and the latter rains that I would send them to My church and so the time is at hand and you will begin to see a greater measure of the outpouring of My Spirit,” saith the Lord.

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