July 18, 2018 at 10:06 am

Utterance by Pastor Bitely, Jan 31, 2018

Learn, learn to cooperate with Holy Spirit. Learn to yield yourself. Even learn to yield your hearing unto the Spirit. He that has an ear to hear let him hear what the Spirit is saying unto the church. For not all men have an ear to hear. But if you have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying, you will have heard this night what My plan is for you. For you are this church. My plan is for you. I will be using you. I have chosen you. I have drawn you here. I have planted you here for the work that I have for you. And if you will listen and you eat what is being served and if you will receive what I am giving to you, than I can use you and those things that hold you back, if you would but purge yourself, you will be a vessel unto honour fit for the Master’s use. Many of you are saying Lord, Lord, when are you going to use me? I am purging you. I am cleaning you up. I am getting rid of the things that hinder and hold you back so that you can be that vessel that I use, that vessel of honour. For there will be those they will be vessels of dishonour because they choose to go their own way and do there own thing. But I have drawn you into this place to be a vessel of honour. For I have great plans for you. I have great plans for this church and if you will listen, give heed unto those things that are spoken, it will all come to pass. All the things that you have been through, all the difficulties, all the tears, those will be but a distant memory because you will be walking in a new Glory. You will be walking in a new place. You will be walking in a new fresh anointing that you have not been familiar with.

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